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Monday, November 2, 2009

Bike Tower 2Bike

No limit for installation
Space saving telescopic system

BikeTower's lightweight alloy pillar is telescopic type pole, so it can be installed to anywhere the ceiling height is between 1.7 - 3.1 meters. The ceiling must be reinforced with the ribs and horizontal.
It doesn't require drilling to ceiling nor floor, so you are free from worry about room condition, especially if you are living in a lease room.

The upper rubber cup includes a strong spring inside. The pillar is pushed toward the ceiling strongly with this spring, so the ceiling must be reinforced with ribs, otherwise the ceiling amy be damaged.

Topeak DualTouch Stand has a unique foot pedal device to lift up the pillar upward, but it requires precise pillar length adjustment prior to setup, otherwise the length will become too long and it will break the ceiling. In fact, I had broken my room's ceiling with this product. Be careful.
New cradle hook
Modified low-profile type hook

The hook for holding the top-tube has just been modified on its design to be low-profile type.
By expanding the area of the hook where touches the frame directly, it becomes gently supporting the bike. The hook is soft foamed urethane padded to avoid scratching bike finish.

The new low-profile hook design also allows you to hook the bike much easier than before. You don't need to lift up the bike so much.

Each hook is angle and position adjustable to fit any bike frame perfectly
new stainless band clip
Changed from separated nut to welded nut

On the latest BikeTower (ver.5.1), the stainless band clip has been modified.

On the previous version, the rectangle nut was separated from the stainless band, so it was possible to lose the nut while assembling. And once you had removed the nut from the band, it could be possible to insert the nut in wrong direction (the nut is not square, but slightly rectangle) then you cannot assemble it correctly.
On the new version, the nut is welded on the band end to be much easier for assembling.

The previous band was universal on both the upper and lower pillar, but the new band has specific size and it's no longer universal. There are two different sizes; 40mm for upper pillar and 45mm for lower pillar. BikeTower contains each one.

Please be sure about this size difference, especially when you need to order one for replacement.
The larger 45mm size one has an engraved mark as "45" on the band surface. The smaller 40mm one doesn't have any engraving.
Important Notices

* Check the ceiling condition before installation. The area where the upper rubber cup touches must be reinforced with the ribs. If it's just a panel without ribs, BikeTower will break the ceiling.
* There is an indicator on the upper cup to check if the pole length is correct or not. Check it regularly. If the pillar length is shorter than required size, it should fall down.
* Depends on the ceiling and floor material, the rubber may leave stain. To avoid this problem, we suggest you to put a thin paper between the rubber cup and floor/ceiling. Do not use slippy vinyl.
* BikeTower is constructed with just a single pole, so it is possible to turn if you push the bike or cradle and may change the pillar angle. Make sure you set the pillar exactly vertical and don't place any fragile items around BikeTower.
* Stainless band clip on ver.5.1 is no longer universal. You need to use correct size (40mm or 45mm) for each pillar.
Extra Bike Cradle
A set of bike cradle to add one more bike
Long Cradle Bar discontinued
Extended alloy bar to allow to hook big frame
A steel mesh basket to put small items
Helmet Holder
A stay to store a helmet
Shoes Holder
A chrome plated steel rack to store a set of shoes (with or without cleat)
Wheel Holder
An alloy bar to hold a pair of wheels
Trainer Holder New
A hook for handing down an indoor trainer
Rollers Holder New
A hook for handing down a rollers
40mm Stainless Band Clip New
A set of band clip for the upper pillar (40mm diameter) (from ver.5.1)
45mm Stainless Band Clip New
A set of band clip for the lower pillar (45mm diameter) (from ver.5.1)
* SKU 400-2040-00
* Pillar Height 1,700 – 3,100 mm
* Color Titanium
* Material Light alloy
* Net Weight 3.2 kgs
* MSRP US$129.99
Modifield point from previous model
Stainless Band Clip Design (ver.5 --> 5.1) New
Changed from separated nut style to welded nut style. Two different sizes (40mm / 45mm)
Cradle Hook Design (ver.4 --> 5)
Changed from vertically thin type to flat low-profile type
Pillar Joint Design (ver.3 --> 4)
Changed the pillar joint from just plastic to a metal ring reinforced one

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