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Monday, November 2, 2009


Milder performance version of V130

GYRO V130 is a very good balanced model, but we know there are many people who are not race oriented guy and want milder resistance power for their daily exercise without omitting its good features.
V100 has its own specially tuned GYRO unit on the same frame of V130.

V130 adopts the strongest power Neodymium magnet as same as the upper grade V150 and V270, so the total resistance power is quite high. It's sometimes too strong for the beginners.
V100 adopts a Neodymium magnet, but it is specially designed to have a hole to reduce the magnet power.
In fact, V130 generates 460 watt at 40 km/h but V100 does 360 watt.

Every other features such as wide and really controllable resistance and super quiet pedaling are surely kept even on V100.
V100's flywheel is lighter and thinner than V130, but it has the same inside stair step design for perfectly controlling the resistance levels.

Features on V100

* Virtually 1.1 kgs machined flywheel with GYRO technology
* Strong Neodymium magnet with a drilled hole
* New remote shifter device
* Newly designed U-shaped frame
* Quick type hub clamping system
* Fatter 35mm diameter leg

Caution: V100 is not compatible with Watt-Master computer
what's Gyro techonology
For more natural pedal feel and wider resistance range

Flywheel is a large metal disc piece on the resistance unit. It works to provide natural pedal feel as if you are riding on the road. If the trainer doesn't have flywheel, the pedal feel must become very jerky.
It is a fact that the heavier flywheel, the better pedal feel. However, too heavy flywheel sometimes cause damage on your knee due to too heavy load when starting pedaling, and it often shorten your tire life. In addition, too much weight is not good for easy transportation.

GYRO is Minoura's patent pending technology.
GYRO's flywheel is specially designed to have thicker outer edge and thinner inner wall. It's not just a thick metal disc like others. This design can provide virtually heavier weight than its actual weight because of greater moment of inertia.

Now, resistance level adjustment is unavoidable function to enable to simulate various types of training. But the old style system cannot adjust the level properly; it was not in same step.
Some was too close and some was too far. It was hard to adjust to your exactly desired level.

The inner face of GYRO flywheel has stair-step design with uneven pitch. It is the scientifically designed feature on GYRO technology to enable to layout totally 7 levels in equal step.
flywheel mechanism
Unique design on dimension and inner face

As you can see from the cut photo of GYRO unit, the outer side of flywheel is thick and the inner side is thin. This enables to increase the moment of inertia while keeping it in fewer weight. So GYRO flywheel can work as if you are spinning much heavier flywheel.
The actual weight of V100's flywheel is 0.8 kgs but it works as 37% heavier 1.1 kgs.

A special stair-step shape is designed on the inner face of the flywheel and it's in uneven pitch.
GYRO is an Eddy-Current type magnetic resistance system, so controlling resistance level is done by adjusting the distance between the magnet and the iron flywheel. The closer the distance, the more resistance.
We are precisely tuning both the distance and the area the flywheel is facing to the magnet in each level to maintain the resistance power difference equal among 7 positions.
neodymium magnet
Specially drilled magnet for milder performance

Every other GYRO series has solid Neodymium magnet that generates super high magnet power. Basically it is 4 times stronger than standard Ferrite magnet.
But the main focus on V100 is providing milder performance for beginner, women and aged people while keeping its nice pedal feel.

There are tow solutions to control the magnet power; one is decreasing the magnetizing power and another one is reducing the cubage.
We are magnetizing the magnet by ourselves in our factory, however, unfortunately, it is available only on Ferrite magnet. Our machine is not compatible with Neodymium. So we chose reducing the cubage of magnet as the solution.

The magnet for V100 specially has a 6 mm diameter hole in the center
remote shifter device
New quick release type shifter

The remote shifter can adjust the resistance level without getting off the bike during workout. It is a highly recommended feature for making your training as effective as possible.
Adjusting resistance may be able to be done by shifting the gears on bike, but it will give different taste from your desired feeling, because you cannot train in your desired gear combination. And too wide gear ratio often makes pedaling jerky due to too much pedaling torque change.
GYRO series comes with the newly designed convenient remote shifter device to allow you perfect training while sitting on the bike.

The previous remote shifter's clamping device was made of metal or plastic, so it fits round dimension tubing only and it was impossible to install on any aerodynamic carbon handlebar or stem, including clamping over the bar-tape.
The new shifter's clamp is constructed with flexible textile band so it can fit any dimension. In addition, it has quick release mechanism so installation and removal can be done in mere seconds.

The shifter lever is enlarged for much easier operation. The lever ratchet mechanism contains a thrust bearing for smoother and comfortable touch.
New U-shaped Main Frame
Lightweight new steel frame

V100 adopts the newly designed U-shaped main frame. It is the lightest frame in our line for easier transportation.
It is made of simple 38mm diameter round tubing but the durability is strong enough to support up to 120 kgs weight (including bike weight).

V100's frame is combined with fatter 35mm diameter legs to provide great stability while workout. Of course, the legs can be completely folded down for compact storage.

The frame fits up to 700x40c.

When using 26x1.5" or smaller tire, you must install the supplied Z-shaped adaptor between the Mag unit and the base p
late. The minimum wheel size is 24".
Quick Hub clamping system
For minimizing your bike installation/removal time

We adopted a thread type hub clamping system on trainers for long time. The large handle helps the operation so it is not so difficult, but it has to take longer time than quick release system when you install or remove the bike on/from the trainer.
And also you must keep holding the bike with another hand during this job.

GYRO series adopts the long-awaited quick hub clamping system on the right side (rear cog side). Just pushing down the lever, the coupling slides inward to catch the hub acorn in a second. You can release the bike from the trainer with just pulling up the lever.

The adjustment of coupling distance is done on the left side coupling. It is made of very durable single-piece solid bolt, and it has a lock ring to fix its position.

Please Note:
GYRO's coupling design is compatible with the supplied quick release skewer only. Any other skewers will not fit our coupling design.
When using the bike with plain nut type hub axle, you will not use the supplied skewer.

V100 fits the rear hub width from 120mm to 145mm.
Important Notice

* Flywheel and Alloy Rotor become very HOT while workout. Do NOT touch them during and at least for 15 minutes after finishing session.
* Flywheel and the rear wheel are spinning very fast and will cause serious injury if you touch them. Keep children and pets away from trainer while using.
* The maximum load of V100 is 120 kgs including bike weight.
* The couplings fit the supplied quick release skewer only. You cannot use your own skewer on GYRO series trainer. You must replace the skewer before use.
* Hub nut type bike should have fitting problem. The inner diameter on coupling is larger than the hub nut so we cannot guarantee the stability. Replace the left side coupling to the optional special one.
* Any bike with internal transmission type hub cannot be used.
* V100 does NOT have the Foot-Step. It's the normal knob bolt style.
* V100 is NOT compatible with WattMaster computer because the magnet itself is different from other GYRO series.

Useful items for making your training more comfortable

Training Mat 2
A floor protection mat to protect the floor or carpet from scratch and stain, and reduces the vibration to the floor up to 75%
Extra Pad Set
A set of 4 soft urethane 100 x 100mm pads. Just put beneath the trainer then reduce the vibration to the floor
Mag Riser 3
A plastic front wheel leveler block to level the bike
Safe-T Net 2
100% cotton made frame protection net from salty sweat during training
Dualist 700x23c
A specially tuned road tire to reduce the tire noise and super long life. Can be used even on road
Left Side Coupling Bolt
Specially designed to fit the standard hub nut
* SKU 400-4830-00
* Resistance Adjustability 7 levels (remote)
* Flywheel Weight 0.8 kgs (actual) / 1.1 kgs (virtual)
* Adaptable Wheel Size 24-inch - 700x40c
* Dimensions W 610 x D 410 x H 390 mm
* Leg Diameter 35mm
* Net Weight 6.6 kgs
* Max Load 120 kgs (including bike weight)
* Accessories Instructions manual, Special quick release skewer, Small wheel adaptor, Warranty policy card
* Warranty Period 1 year (Mag unit) / 5 years (Frame)

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